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Let Me Introduce Myself:

I purchased a new Motorhome in 1965, and started on the road full time for two years as a single working person. I camped in tents and RV’s for 40 years before retirement.

I was a Scoutmaster for 30 years. I taught Red Cross First Aid courses for 20 years, and was licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician.

During my working years, I assisted in the management of a Maytag manufacturing plant for 35 years with responsibilities in training, environmental, health, first aid, housekeeping, security, lawn care, physical plant facility and machine maintenance.

My wife had a child-care business and we raised seven beautiful children.

I’m now on the road full time and invite you to hook up with me, Fred, at RV101byFred.com. My Special RV Safety Report was designed to help the RV Camper!

Ask about the Special RV Safety Report at your Favorite Campground, RV Rental or RV Dealer!

Fred Brandeberry, Sr.
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