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Wireless Internet Signal Improvements

  • The frame of your slides and major structural members may interrupt the line-of-sight Wi-Fi signal.
  • The number of computers logged on at one given time will affect the signal strength. Please work off-line, and then connect while the Internet is needed.
  • The antenna on your computer must aim itself toward the intended transmitting antenna. Another building, RV or tree may lessen the line-of-sight signal.
  • Other RV’ers may be transmitting from their own system and restrict the signal you are trying to receive.
  • The best channels for the Wi-Fi systems to work on are channels 1, 6 and 11.
  • If you have your own wireless system, you may want to use one of these channels. These channels are less likely to interfere with another Wi-Fi system.
  • External antennas are available for your Wi-Fi signal to be received with less chance of low signal. These antennas will also allow you to access more systems or antennas from the same system.
  • Atmospheric conditions, storms, water on trees and other conditions can derogate your signal.
  • Try placing your laptop on a table outside your RV. By aiming your antenna at different directions you get an idea how powerful the signal is in your area at one given time.
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